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Whole-Home Renovation

Congratulations on considering a whole-home renovation!

 With four or more areas of transformation needed/wanted, the scale of your project is exciting and can easily become overwhelming for most homeowners. At REcreateNW we strive to minimize the potentially stressful components of your remodel. We do this by asking questions such as, “How do you see yourself using your new space? Will it be a gathering space for friends and family? A personal retreat? Or possibly both?”

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Ready To Start A Project?

We can help you re-imagine your living space.

The Leading Choice

When YOu Choose Us

You will experience our commitment to guide you through each decision from start to finish allowing our extensive experience to give you peace of mind. We will get to know you by setting up meetings to discuss which options will best suit your needs. You will find us to be easily accessible and available to meet via conference/zoom calls, in-home consultations and at our suppliers’ locations. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Reliable Consultation

    Consulting sessions to brainstorm with you about the possibilities for your home.

  • Professional Advice

    Advice on which priorities would add the most investment value to your property.

  • Proposed Budgets

    Proposed budgets for your dream projects.

  • Trustworthy Info

    Information from reliable local contractors.  

  • Honest Communication

    Open communication from start to finish.  

  • Advanced Solutions

    Advanced planning gives you the option of changing your mind without last-minute stress.

  • Hands-On Design

    Designing spaces using colors, textures and finishing touches to make a house your home.